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Dimension 4100 desktop, mouse problem

I dug out an old (10+ years) Dell Dimension 4100 desktop. The mouse won't work with it. Tried two different mice in both USB ports. The desktop does not seem to recognize the mouse. Any fix-it suggestions??

BTW, I need to get a PS/2 keyboard USB adapter so the keyboard works with the PC.

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I had that model--21 years ago!  It's not worth spending any money on it. It cannot run any supported version of windows. Recycle it.

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4100 2000 Intel Pentium III, Celeron.

@suptprof  - As Mary already said, it's an old PC...

If it's just been sitting around unused for a long time, the motherboard battery is probably dead. So if you really still want to get it working, you should start by replacing that battery before going any further. Probably a CR2032, 3-volt coin cell battery, ~$2.

And you'd be better off using a USB keyboard with one of the PC's USB ports. Otherwise, you'll need an active USB>PS/2 adapter that's specifically designed for using a USB keyboard with a PS/2 port on the PC. NOTE: not all active adapters work with all USB keyboards...



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I just want to get it running so I can see if there's anything (e.g., photos) still on the hard drive worth downloading.

Then just replace the battery and see if a USB mouse and USB keyboard will work.


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