Inspiron 5680, PSU upgrade, Corsair?


I recently bought Inspiron 5680 and hoping to change power supply as it is only 460w. I was wondering if I could use a Corsair RM650w? What are the dimensions of the power supply that the computer has?

Thank you.

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Re: Inspiron 5680, PSU upgrade, Corsair?


In theory, any of the modular Corsair PSU might work. They have on other Dell desktops. Dimensions of the PSU are not listed. You will need to remove it from the chassis and measure it. You will simply need to buy one and test it. Then let us know the results.

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Re: Inspiron 5680, PSU upgrade, Corsair?

Power Supplies are not a Single voltage and a Single Spec of Watts.

Even the 460W dell has 142W to 150W or more on the 3.3v /5v rails combined and 25 AMPS on 5v.  This is the case all the way down to 305W units. On the Dell 875W unit this goes up to 225W combined with 32A on 5v rails.

This is why EVGA SUPER NOVA 750B (120-PB-0750-KR)

works fine but the B2 BQ G2 750W models do not.


DELL460.jpgDELL 460W

dell305w1.jpgDELL 305W


DELL875.jpgDELL 875W

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Re: Inspiron 5680, PSU upgrade, Corsair?

so is there a conclusion here ? is the corsair psu would work ?

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Re: Inspiron 5680, PSU upgrade, Corsair?

I just upgraded my dekstop to corshair RM850X, it works perfectly but there are 3 item needs some adjustment

1. The PSU back mounting was a bit off by few millimeters, so, if you mount the PSU correctly, the cable to the PSU wont fit perfectly. The only way is to plug in the cable first, on install only 2 right top bottom screw. IT will be slight slanted but it is fine. Left top and bottom screw couldn't be installed.

Aggressive solution is to cut off a bot the plastic and the steel chassis to mount the plug and the screw properly.

2. Due to item above, the right chassis cover consist of small bracket holder on the bottom which to hold the PSU. Since it is installed slantingly, the right chassis cover couldn't be install, just bend it. It will solve the issue.

3. If you have a DVD rom, the sata cable is the small one, since it can be taken off and connect to the new PSU, it can be done


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