Sound Too Low, Dell Inspiron 3670

I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 3670 desktop computer. I am moving over from an HP Pavilion a1640n that was running XP. The sound was great with XP on the Pavilion. With Windows 10 and this new computer, the sound is so low I cannot even watch a movie.

I have done the following, so please tell me what other solutions there are:

  1. Set volumes everywhere to 100 percent.
  2. Followed the suggestion at this link. Nothing changed. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-hardware/windows-10-audio-sound-level-i...
  3. Installed two different generic drivers offered by my computer when I use the option to set drivers myself.

When I first booted up the computer, a generic HD driver was installed. I got rid of it and had the computer update to the best driver. Perhaps that was my downfall.

In addition, for a while there was no sound whatsoever coming from the speaker. When I tried the speaker on my old computer, it worked fine.

Is there some other sound card I can get? I am really angry with this computer and Dell. The hardware is <Profanity removed>, the CD drive seems like it could snap off at any moment, and I now find out that I can't replace most of the <Profanity removed> hardware because this computer is so poorly configured it doesn't allow for expansion. As far as I am concerned, I wasted 750 dollars!

There is something very wrong with this Dell Inspiron. I am beyond disgusted, but unfortunately I bought it in February and am not getting it ready until now. This is only one of the many problems I am encountering.

BTW, this forum is really lousy for posting. First I couldn't post. Then I could post, but only get the title on. Now, if I reply to my own truncated post, I can actually ask the question. I have spent HOURS trying to set up this computer, and I am really angry. I am not an idiot, and had no problem configuring Windows XP to do all sorts of things I wanted it to do. Well, now I managed to edit the post, so at least my question is now with the question!

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Re: Sound Too Low, Dell Inspiron 3670

By the way this is a desktop model, not a laptop.  We have an Inspiron forum section for desktops.  I'll try to move this to the Desktop forum section.

This comes with Realtek sound hardware and Wavesmaxx audio (an enhancement to Realtek).

First thing to do is uninstall whatever you have installed for sound and download and install Realtek (and optional wavesmaxx audio) from the Dell downloads for the 3670 (link below).


Sound in Win 10 works as good (or better) than Win 7 (I use a lot of different audio as I have a recording studio).  My Desktop and a Dell laptop both have Realtek (the most often used in all brands).

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Re: Sound Too Low, Dell Inspiron 3670

And if you keep using words that have to be censored, you won't be able to post at all around here. 

So 🤐 it!


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Re: Sound Too Low, Dell Inspiron 3670

so all that rant and no useful facts told, use less profanity and zero rant.

tell what you have infront you, we can not SEE your PC nor what speakers you have. (it's desktop right)

and sound is very complex on desktops.. CAN BE<

take me for example , I have this DAC box, USB in, and Optical out, 12foot HD< optical cable to my power

speakers and decoders.  what you have hanging on a sound port ive no clue.

onboard sound chip using 3.5mm green jack out to what?

USB sound dongles, ($3 sold on fleabay)

USB DAC?  from $25 to $1000 (pro audio grade)

PCI-e sound cards, endless examples 20 years made, who knows what you have.

USB head phones , they have there own DAC. and if yes, can get you in trouble with the  ONBOARD CHIP as thay go to war with each other.

so tell all things in the PC, PCIe, all USB things, all 3.5mm phone jacks used and to what.

then things get 10x more easy , even photo posted work, for sure.

windows 10 . 64bit, v 1903 up?

my wild guess you have power speakers of some kind, right? (it has its own power cord and own , amp and its own knobs marked volume.

or is sound powered , inside some monitors, no monitor told, and again, NO PC told not really, in the WHOLE.


as you see, sound is super complex , not like old days of first sound blasters made,  not anywhere that simple today. (drivers bad, or conflicts with 2 SOUND chips super common)

also some mobo use different sound chip , in one PC, sold in other countries.

I have HP PCs here and the HP parts list,, dell has no such list so I can not look to

I see HP ALL MOBO, but not dell sold world wide for this 3670. but no matter, I run HwINFO32.exe and bingo there is TRUTH.  (learn that one PC model can come in sub flavors,  ok?) for sure SOUND and for sure GPU.

good luck with your PC.  hope find the cause, I'd find it there in minutes flat, have tool will travel (not now)

The reason I would is with PC in my hands I AM NOT BLIND.  (fixing PC in text box is super hard, lacking facts and eyeball views)



I am not Dell, I am retired from this industry since 2009,
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Re: Sound Too Low, Dell Inspiron 3670 32bit or 64bit windows 10?????

Dell Inspiron 3670 (an old most new PC right?>???)_

the USA PC uses. Realtek ALC3820-CG

vostro and non vostro driver. same.

do not get the drivers from Realtek, they did not design your MOBO.

only dell driver work  for XP, and the same driver comes from microsoft,  PnP servers when you  click update driver.

do no use any other drivers of it will fail. ok>? 

this is the only w10 driver, for your PC, at dell,  run this.


remove all other drivers drives first in DM.

the load this, w10-64 if not running w10 now be the time to tell that.

do not run any generic driver, (unless microsoft plug and play loaded only)

do not run non dell drivers.

do not get the driver from Realtek (it will fail)

no not get drivers from scalper sites or the goofy google searched sites.  finding pure PAIN endless. to you. ok.?

uSA PC only can not tell you what others countries PC have inside, ever, and many have different sound.Chips

do not run w8,w7,vista,xp or older drivers of ANY KIND only w10 and 64bit.

get them from dell and only dell. (if the Microsoft PnP drivers fails)

weaks sounds has many caused, but I not see your PC< and all things connected so I have no answers.

I am not Dell, I am retired from this industry since 2009,
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Re: Sound Too Low, Dell Inspiron 3670

The word was "c- r- a- p". I hardly consider that profanity.

Problem has been solved.

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Re: Sound Too Low, Dell Inspiron 3670

whatever 12345678:

Your total lack of respect and gratitude to the forum users for the info freely given is noted. Only non-Dell volunteer users have responded to your rants.


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