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7506 2n1 Black edition - Windows 11 upgrade disaster

I have the Inspiron 7506 2n1 (Black edition) laptop which is on the list of Dell laptops compatible with Windows 11. When Windows Update prompted me to update to Windows 11, I did so. It seemed to go well and at the end of the process it booted into Windows 11 OK.

But then Windows Update suggested another update was needed (I kick myself for not recording or remembering what the update was!!!) So I clicked update and it proceeded then asked for a Restart. I did that and then on startup it started going through a problem diagnosis and then repair cycle (black screen with Dell logo on it). It eventually said the repair was not possible and took me to the blue recovery boot screen. I tried every option possible but no luck so I had to use OS Recovery and do a clean install - back to Windows 10 and all my data/apps gone !!!!!! (I have got my data backed up).

Any thoughts - I daren't try a Windows 11 upgrade again in case it does it again

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Once you have all your DATA and programs running again, create a Disk/SSD drive image. Macrium Reflect Free is a great program that will rescue you if your next attempt fails. Here is a Video that shows you how. 

As for trying the 11 upgrade. First off I would suggest waiting a year or so before upgrading unless there is something in 11 that you can't live without.

That said before your next attempt.

Ensure your current version is fully updated.

Run these DISM repair tools to ensure your Windows image is error-free.

Type CDM

Right click cdm.exe and select run as admin

copy each tool and paste. Allow to run to the end some will take some time to completion

Run SFC /scannow again if it finds errors.

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup
SFC /scannow
chkdsk C: /f


With an error-free system, you can try the WU upgrade if you like or

A safer way to upgrade is to do an upgrade Repair install. Download and use Windows 11 install assistant

Download Windows 11 (

Download the ISO to your desktop

double-click the ISO.exe and Install, Be sure to select to save your files and folders.

A pretty much clean install will happen you won't lose your data or programs, You may have to re-setup some of your settings.

If all fails still,  restore the MR drive image you created before starting anything. and you're back exactly where you started from in about 15 minutes or so.

Then wait a year or so before trying again

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You really should not have any problems with Win 11 but do you remember if the update was a Windows update with a KB number or some type of driver update?

Have you loaded any Android apps on your system?

I have gotten 4 Win 11 updates, two were for the .net3.5 and 4.8 and KB5006674 and KB5006746.

You may have gotten a Dell Bios update if you allowed those types of updates to happen.

If you now have a clean install, it would be the best time to try again.  But unless other folks have the same situation and the problem is fixed, it may be a while until you could update again.

I have seen some systems which are now showing Win 11 versions of drivers.  It might be good for you to check those before you allow it to install any updates on its own.

I am running Win 11 on an older system, at least for a while, and it doesn't seem to have any problems.



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Update - thank you for the suggestions Clintlgm and Saltgrass. OK, I did the scans as suggested and a few errors were found nd repaired. With the clean install of Windows 10 in place, I used the Upgrade Assistant and this time it was successful even after doing a few Windows updates after Win 11 was up and running. Oddly, My Dell still thought I had Win 10 and Dell SupportAssist and Dell Update didn't work to start with so I re-installed them and all was OK, with Win 11 showing as the installed OS on all three of those apps.

So all OK so far. Thank you or your help

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Came across this when my 7506 also failed to upgrade from Windows 10. Dell has released BIOS version 1.9.0 that seems to correct the problem. There was also an optional Dell Firmware update in Windows Update. After applying both, my 7506 just successfully upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11 without making any other changes.

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