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Bluetooth gone. (G3)


I've got a Dell G3 15-3590. Bluetooth was working fine for a few days until the Bluetooth on/off toggle suddenly disappeared from Windows settings. I can only find a function key for Wireless, but not Bluetooth.

  • I then tried to repair, uninstall and re-install the Dell's provided Qualcomm WiFi & Bluetooth drivers with and without restart/shutdown.
  • I then tried to uninstall all Bluetooth devices within the Device manager, hoping that Windows will reinstall them.
  • Windows Troubleshoot says that the device has no Bluetooth connectivity
  • SupportAssist does not seem to have troubleshooting for the Bluetooth component even though the website has a troubleshoot Bluetooth option and wanted to install SupportAssist even though the latest version was already installed.

Also I do not believe that this unknown USB device was there before. I unplugged every USB device and it still showed up.


Perhaps the hardware itself has malfunctioned?

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The "Turn on Bluetooth" option disappeared after updating its driver via the SupportAssist. Restarting, completely shutting down, etc. didn't work. Troubleshooting said the computer had no Bluetooth capability.

I went into Device Manager and found an Unknown Device. Windows found the driver automatically, installed it, and the device appeared as Bluetooth. The "Turn on Bluetooth" option reappeared and everything worked as before.

Same <Profanity removed> here. Hopefully, this won't happen again and they will fix it through some update. Also my headphones are constantly disconnecting and connecting

Just do EXACTLY what Sencha42 said and you will see.


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Ran into this problem on my G3.  Had uninstalled, reinstalled, powered down, BIOS update, etc.  No luck.

I didn't think it would make a difference, but unplugging the power cord and waiting a few minutes seemed to do the trick.

So, to recap, this is what worked for me:

1.) Uninstall the unknown device in Device Manager

2.) Power down the G3

3.) Unplug power

4.) Waited about 5 minutes before plugging power back in.

5.) Powered on G3.

NOTE: My Fast Boot settings were previously set to Thorough Mode; I changed them to Auto and it didn't make a difference.  Fast Boot was set to Auto when I powered down and unplugged the power and it worked, so Fast Boot doesn't necessarily need to be in Thorough Mode - Auto may be good enough.

Thank you!

Ok I used the previous fix and it worked for about a day.

Today I tried using dell support assist to no avail. I uninstalled the bluetooth device in hopes that it would spark a correction on reboot - nope but I lost my bluetooth icons in device manager. I did find a newer driver doing a google search that took me to Dell.  Dell update and Dell Assist missed that. But still no luck until I followed some other posts that said that you had to un-check fast start from the power settings and I gave the system a 5 minute shut down.   We'll see how long this lasts....

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Hi,  I have had the same problem that several people have posted about losing bluetooth connectivity and having no bluetooth toggle available in settings/devices/ bluetooth & other devices. I tried all the suggestions that I could find to no avail but just now I found another option that worked for me.

I just reset the bios to default bios settings and Bingo - I am back in business!

I hope this works for someone else out there. (I think that this problem is associated with a windows update)

Guys, I have the same problem here... the same model of the laptop...

Can someone from Dell assist us somehow? I have chosen a Dell over an HP laptop relying on the brand, and now they let me down... 



I was able to solve the problem like this:

  • disabled fast startup in power options
  • Uninstall the USB driver in error in the Device Manager (Right clic > Uninstall)
  • Turn off my laptop for more than 60 seconds 
  • Unplugged all my USB

Turn on, and problem solved

It has to do with the wifi card installed in the laptop... I had issues with both wifi and my bluetooth would start failing and disconnecting my bluetooth mouse.

After troubleshooting by reinstalling drivers, factory resetting and rolling back the bios, the issue couldnt be fixed.

Then after waiting on dell technical support for over an hour and half, I said frick it and installed another wifi card I had on my older gaming laptop.

Voila, no issues with wifi anymore and bluetooth no longer disconnects. 

The qualcomm based wifi cards are garbage and in terms of specs is as basic a card can be. It has a lot of issues based from a lot of users discussing wifi/bluetooth issues... 

I suggest picking up an Intel based wifi card and install it yourself if you have experience with computers. (It shouldnt void the warranty of the other dell components in the motherboard)

It's simple to install and drivers will automatically be installed so it works right away.

The wifi card I personally used was a intel 7260 dual band wifi which cost as low as $16-$26 on Amazon. It has better specs and is cheap to boot. 

@sencha42  Thanks for this, I tried everything including updating chipset and BIOS and this worked! a FULL SHUTDOWN and UNPLUGGED the PC for 60 seconds... and to think Dell wanted to charge me $35 to trouble shoot the issue because my PC was just out of warranty, that still upsets me honestly... at least its fixed, it only took me 4 days to figure it out on my down time at work all the while our store has had no music due to no BT!

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