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Decoding Inspiron model numbers

Will be purchasing a new computer this year, and was looking at the 17" Inspiron 3000.  I did a compare and come up with the following page: https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/compare?ocs=rknn3793dtsb,nn3793dthfh,ebnn3793dtsb,nenn3793dtsb. 

I don't see any differences in the models.  I understand this to be the Inspiron-3793, but have not been able to decode the prefix and suffix of the listing, e.g. rknn3793dtsb.  Can someone explain to me what these mean or point to to a resource? 


[I used to be a regular around the Dell forums years ago, left about the time the term "Rock Star" came into being.  Been a long time......]