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Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series RANDOMLY GOES TO SLEEP



At the beginning of the year I bought the laptop. It keeps randomly keeps going into sleep mode and it's making me furious as it is interfering with my work!


I've had the laptop in for checkups at the store wherr I bought, but they update the BIOS every single time and the problem keeps popping up. 


I have tried changing all my sleep settings to NEVER, updating driver, I've basically tried EVERYTHING. I've also been on the phone with DELL South Africa for almost 2 hours. The guy did some stuff but it did not seem to have worked.



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Re: Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series RANDOMLY GOES TO SLEEP

hey there, 
I had the same exact problem. I just found the solution. 
On the back of your laptop, there is 7 digit number called service number or tag number https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDPVSHHN-SY
Then go to the support tab here on dell's website. Under Support, choose Product Support 
Then enter the service number, it will specify info based on your laptop 
Then go to Drivers & Download, scroll down, and you will find some drivers (some are urgent) you need to download and update your laptop with
Dell Inspiron 3467/3567 System BIOS     
is what fixed my problem. My laptop hasn't gone to sleep since I installed it

I know your post is from like 10 months ago, but I think this is the solution if you have not figured it out yet, and for others who are experiencing the same issue.

Watch how to find a Dell Service Tag. The Dell service tag is a 7 character identifier that is unique to your product and it is the best ID when communicating with Dell. Learn how to use it to access an array of useful information about your product. PLEASE NOTE: YOUR SERVICE TAG AND EXPRESS ...
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