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Error code 2000-0321


There was a problem with my laptop Dell Inspiron 7559.

It starts with a black screen. The built-in diagnostic tool displays error 2000-0321. But the Dell Support Assist does not know anything about this error code.
The service center told me that the problem is presumably in the drivers. But they said nothing more.
Why is this error code not on the Dell Support Assist?
What should I do?

At first the problem arose occasionally, but then more and more often.
At the HDMI-exit the image is normal, I can see everything correct at TV or external LCD.

When the screen does turn on, the first time it has a bright illumination around the perimeter, which then disappears with time.


And somtimes at BIOS starts time it say error: "Unsupported video mode detected"



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Re: Error code 2000-0321

Does anybody know what I have to do?

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