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G7 17 - 7790 (G7 NEW)

So, about a week ago I ordered the new G7 17 - 7790.

I went on the website today and the item isn't even listed anymore? 

This is what I ordered but can't be found on the product page under 'New G7 17"


This is the only thing that is listed under the 'New G7 17"' that is even close to it... but the mon...

Anybody know what gives?

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I see it on the US site..

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You can only see it through the link.

I ended up calling customer service, seems the laptop is out of stock, hence why they de-listed it.

I did not go to it through the link.  Dell doesn't normally remove a product because it is out of stock but will just show an estimated delivery date.

XPS 9365, Inspiron 7567 Gaming, Inspiron 7779, XPS One 2720
System fully Win 11 compliant

I contacted Dell today, and customer support stated my order was "on hold".

I was transferred to another department that informed me there was an issue with the order, and had to cancel the one I placed and reordered the item but not the original one I had ordered. (The 1st link in the OP, not the 2nd. 2nd is no longer available)

Just odd, and it set me back a few days.. but, oh well.

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Yeah, I was overseas and ordered mine so just got back a couple days ago, unboxed and fired it up. Later realized Dell wasn't listing this model anymore. Why??? Well, because now they offer it with the new Intel 9750h!!!! And....Dual Channel Memory! Way to go Dell. It's listed, but not entirely the same spec model.

I have A new G7 17-7790. Before I ordered, paid or anything money related. I asked repeatedly why ? if ? when ? they would be releasing same model (or = 2) with the 9th gen I7 or even the I9. I was not given an answer. I know the G7 is really really good with out doubt. As far as I know Intel released their 9th gen processors in march the 2nd quarter. I think they Del were clearing stock. I am a tight with money.

Do you know if Del are holding back the upgrade to windows 1903 ? I cant find any information confirming or denying they are. 

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