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How Do I Change Boot Order?

I recently bought a 500gb HDD for extra storage in my Dell Inspiron 15 gaming laptop, which only came with a 256gb solid state. After installing the hard drive i noticed that my boot times were much longer, and I'm fairly certain that this is because the laptop is searching for windows in the HDD, rather than the SSD.

I've looked in the "boot sequence" tree in the bios to try and change this, but can't find anything. Can anyone help me make my laptop search for windows in the SSD instead of the HDD? Thanks.

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Re: How Do I Change Boot Order?

If you're booting in UEFI mode, which you very likely are, then the boot order no longer consists of devices the way the Legacy BIOS setup did.  Instead, it consists of actual bootloader files that are discovered on such devices, plus network booting if that's enabled.  The boot order you see reflects what bootloader files the system has detected in the spec-defined default path (\EFI\Boot\Bootx64.efi), plus any custom paths you may have added.  If you don't see anything from your HDD listed there, it's because your system hasn't detected a UEFI boot environment on it, but to my knowledge there's no way to exclude a hard drive from a bootloader search altogether.  Still, it's unlikely that's significantly extending your boot time.  What exactly are you seeing during the point that's now taking longer?  If you already see the spinning dots animation, then that's when the system has begun to boot from the boot device, so if the extra time penalty is occurring at that point, the presence of your HDD wouldn't be a factor.

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