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How safe to use laptop with passive cooling in hot weather ?

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Let's say I'm gonna use laptop in a place without air conditioning at hot summer (like 32 C/89.6 F). Is it ok to perform some heavy tasks during such air temperature ? I'm considering to buy Dell 3573 with N4000. I had laptop with 2957u (active cooling) and as I understand N4000 isn't weaker.

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Re: How safe to use laptop with passive cooling in hot weath

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Dell sells laptops in parts of the world that can get a lot hotter than that, so chances are you’ll be fine. Laptops can also throttle performance when temperature gets excessive and can even shut themselves down in extreme cases. But if you go to support.dell.com and go to the Manuals & Documents section, you might find some documentation indicating the supported ambient temperature range for your system. Probably in either the Owner’s Manual or dedicated Specifications document if there is one.

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