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Inspiron 7586 second hard drive issues

I purchased an Inspiron 7586 which came with a 256 GB M.2 SSD, hoping I could install a secondary hard drive. The specs say that it supports one 2.5-inch hard drive, SATA AHCI 6 Gbps interface and maximum capacity up to 2 TB, so I purhcased a 1 TB Samsung EVO 860 and installed it. Since I installed it, the computer started intermittently freezing for couple of seconds once every couple of minutes. I have updated the BIOS, reinstalled the chipset drivers and any other driver you can think of, updated the SATA firmware, etc. No luck. I tried installing the hard drive to a different computer and it works properly. I also ran diagnostics on the laptop and the Samsung drive and everything looks good.

I am also sure that it supports a second SSD, because you can't fit a 2.5" HDD into the slot since it is thicker than a 2.5" SSD drive.

I tried chatting with Dell support, but I was shocked with their answer. First they insisted that the laptop doesn't support a second hard drive. Then they told me they can't help because I didn't purchase the hard drive from Dell.

I appreciate any recommendations. Thanks in advance.

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