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No Audio Output Device Installed

Hello everyone I have this problem for a while now, I have a DELL Inspiron 5577 laptop, running on windows 10 64bit,  for about 2 days I've been trying to solve this problem by my self, this problem first occurred when there is a new windows update and making my audio says "no audio output is installed" and then the problem gone by itself for a while i dunno why,

BUT the problem start coming again i didn't do anything, i'm just using my laptop regularly, when i turn on the laptop there's already an x sign on volume down on taskbar,and there's no "Realtek High Definition Audio" i'm so confused right now, I already tried to install the driver for dell inspiron 5577 on dell website and adding to device manager with add legacy hardware, Realtek High Definition Audio Driver  has showed up but there is a triangle sign on it, "This device cannot start. (Code 10), The request is not supported.",it says 

I've been searching for solution on google and dell community but there's nothing that have worked for me i hope someone can help me with this problem, okay that's all about my problem thank you 


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Re: No Audio Output Device Installed

Usually that is almost always a driver problem such as outdated or corrupt driver. Instead of adding Legacy hardware, have you tried simply clicking on the driver executable file (sorry if you tried that already as your post was not clear on that issue)? Or in Device Manager on the properties of the Realtek High Definition Audio click on update driver. You also could click on the Realtek High Definition Audio in Device Manager and choose uninstall. Then reboot the system and let Windows find and install the driver.

Also run system diagnostics just to be sure the audio device is not having problems. Restart the system and at the Dell splash screen start tapping F12. Run full diagnostics paying attention to the audio results.

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Re: No Audio Output Device Installed

I am having the same problems with my computer and yes it happened right after an update! I did get it fix by doing and update but then I made the mistake and did another update and now its not working again with the red circle and white x and I have done it all including going back to factory settings....All this got me was no saved pass codes and I also have to re-load all of the programs I have added to my laptop and I am getting very frustrated....I have even had Dell go thru it for me and they could not fix it....Someone out there please Help!

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Re: No Audio Output Device Installed


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Re: No Audio Output Device Installed

I'm having the same problem and have tried all of the solutions as well. 
This feels frustrating as I've just purchased this laptop.

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