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Please help! Inspiron N4010 full laptop upgrade.

Hello guys! I am thinking of upgrading this very old laptop of mine instead of buying a new one (I am poor). Currently I have the processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU with M 370 @ 2.40 GHZ 2.40 GHz. With the RAM of 2GB and I am looking to upgrade the Processor, MotherBoard, RAM, Hard Drive, Graphics Card (hopefully NVIDIA 750 TI 2GB). How can I go by it? What models of which company are compatible with my laptops? (Link to Amazon.in will be appreciated) I am thinking of upgrading it to a gaming/editing laptop. Thank You!!

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Mary G
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Re: Please help! Inspiron N4010 full laptop upgrade.

That would be a complete waste of money and time. Laptops computers are not upgradable except for removable parts--hard drive and ram. Everything else is soldered on the board. Put the money towards a newer or new computer.  The only smart upgrade now is the ram--4 gb should be the minimum memory on any computer. Then use the 9 yr old laptop as is until you can replace it.  

You cannot use a desktop video card in a laptop. See a picture of the video card--


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