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Realtek Audio driver causing audio and video delay

I have an Inspiron 7506 2-in-1 that is less than a year old. For over a month now I've been experiencing delays in audio and video loading. For example, YouTube videos will buffer for about 20 seconds before starting or will simply display an error message ("If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device").

After testing on multiple browsers and websites, I've determined the Realtek Audio driver to be the problem. I'll list everything I've tried below:

1. Disable the driver. Videos load successfully without any buffering, but the laptop cannot play any audio.

2. Install Realtek Audio driver version 6.0.9098.1 (As suggested by 505Kelvin in this thread <>). This fixed the issue for three days, but it has stopped working again since yesterday.

3. Install Realtek Audio driver version 6.0.9257.1 (As suggested by 
wiz101 in this thread <>). This did not work.

4. Install Realtek Audio driver version 6.0.9228.1. This did not work.

5. Install Microsoft High Definition Audio Device version 10.0.19041.264. This DID work, but the sound quality is worse.

Although it fixes the issue, the Microsoft driver isn't the ideal solution since it sacrifices sound quality. Is anyone else dealing with this issue, or does anyone have any ideas? I truly appreciate any help!

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Same problem Latitude 5411. 

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I have the same problem on my Vostro5510
At first I thought it was an incompatibility problem with other programs on the computer like OBS Studio or Camtasia. But I was wrong
It really is a problem with the Realtek Audio Driver... and this problem occurred after some automatic system update. Unfortunately, it doesn't help to remove the driver and install an older version.

In addition to the problem with YouTube, I have problems with Camtasia's CamRecorder that doesn't work (even the time counter is stopped)... and it appears as if there are missing codecs...

Anyway... I'll follow this thread... if at the end of the day we can't solve it, I'll go back to the factory installation and disable Windows Update right from the start.
It will take a lot of work to reinstall all my programs again.
Crying here!


I'm very interested in following your solution... I've also been trying...
Please, please share with us if successful.


Issue resolved after performing the following.

1 - I downloaded the older driver file below:
Realtek-High-Definition-Audio-Driver_3HWW7_WIN_6.0.9202.1_A04.EXE (03 set 2021)

2 - I ran the older driver and It removes the most current driver and installs this one (September 2021)

3 - I disabled Windows Update because it comes back with the latest driver and the error persists

4 - Even so, to ensure that the audio driver will not be updated, I have included the following changes in the windows registry:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




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Any chance we could get a link to the Realtek-High-Definition-Audio-Driver_3HWW7_WIN_6.0.9202.1_A04.EXE file?




I have the 7706 2-in-1 and have been using the Microsoft HD driver, but that causes periodic speaker popping, which is very annoying. This should work for me as well, I'll update my post after installing it.


I have the 7706 and this did not work. Audio worked fine for two days without any delay, but now it doesn't work properly anymore. I have tried several different realtek audio drivers to no avail, and the generic microsoft driver sounds bad and has a crazy amount of speaker popping.

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