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Type C to 3.5mm convertor

Can I connect headphones through Type c to 3.5mm convertor? (Dell Inspiron 5502)

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@Nayana Mihiranga  I would think so.  A USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter would have to include an audio chipset since USB-C ports don't support carrying raw audio, so unless that adapter is designed to be used only with some device that has a proprietary USB-C connector that would carry raw audio, I would expect that adapter to work with any headphones/speakers you want to use.  The only potential exception would be headsets that have stereo audio and a microphone combined onto a single connector.  The reason there is that there are two standards for headset wiring, namely OMTP and CTIA.  They differ in the placement of the mic vs. electrical ground pin, so if you connect an OMTP headset to a CTIA connector or vice versa, you will find that your mic doesn't work and you might also head weird feedback due to the electrical ground connector being mismatched.  But with regular stereo audio output and no mic, there shouldn't be an issue at all.


Thank you for the reply. What do you think about Baseus Type C male to 3.5mm female adapter L54. would that work? Please refer to the link below.


@Nayana Mihiranga  That adapter specifically confirms that it has a DAC (digital to analog conversion chip), so while I haven’t used that adapter myself, I would fully expect it to work with your system.


Thank you for the details. 

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