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Update D6000 Firmware using SCCM

We are currently using SCCM and we have 1 client we are working with that is in need of updating the D6000 Firmware and we are attempting at this using SCCM. The problem we face is a 2 part issue. One, the D6000 update doesn't provided any documentation on how to deploy SILENTLY. Every which way to go about it, the splash screen appears and can't get around it. Using a library of known /switches and nothing works for this installer. Has anyone or a Blue post from Dell got a better solution for SCCM users and/or provide a enterprise version of this installer?

Secondly, using Application model in SCCM, detection method used to determine if the update is installed is nearly impossible. The only thing that gives me some insight is SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB\VID_17E9&PID_6006 key but even then doesn't provide insight what version are we currently on. Now, I know there is a DSIAPC installer that you can collectively get using SCCM hardware inventory back from the Docking Station but of course proprietary software doesn't work on any other vendor models, HP, Lenovo, etc.

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