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no boot sequence, no boot list

Dell G3 15 3590

I just got a new HDD, and so far I’ve gotten no errors on diagnostics, though I has to disabled SATA-1 and M.2 PCI so it would have no errors, but now there’s a no boot error. Every video i’ve seen has advance boot options, which my G3 3590 does not have. It has no boot sequence list or a boot list, meaning no UEFI nor Legacy. Not really sure what’s wrong with this. It’s in AHCI and everything.

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Return the BIOS to UEFI Boot
You can resolve this issue by returning the system to the UEFI boot mode.

From a power off state, power the system on and press F2 to boot into the BIOS setup menu.
Select "Boot sequence"
Change the option from "Legacy" to "UEFI", then select "Apply" in the right lower corner.


Select "Advance Boot options" and disable "Enable Legacy Operation ROMs", then select "Apply" in the right lower corner.


Select "Secure Boot", then "Secure Boot Enable".
Change the option from "Disabled to Enabled", then select "Apply" in the right lower corner.


Select "Exit" in the right lower corner and wait for the system to reboot.

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So we can follow your process, could you explain what exactly you did to get the new drive installed?  Did you remove the old drive, did you clone the original drive or what?

Do you have the Windows install media you could boot to it and look at the drive?

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