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SMB Failover - Secondary becomes Primary

We would like to failover our Primary Isilon SMB share and have the secondary share become the primary.  Once this is completed, we would like to start the replication back from new Primay to Secondary without resync 100TB of data.  Basically, we want our DR to become Production.  We are running OneFS v7.0.1.5.

Can someone help us with the procedure or point us in the right direction?


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Re: SMB Failover - Secondary becomes Primary

I worked on leveraging SyncIQ failover/failback in OneFS 7.0.x.x for the last organization I worked for. You can check out this thread: https://community.emc.com/thread/168386?start=15&tstart=0

This mostly worked but as with anything be sure to test-Test-TEST!

If you haven't looked, check out the best practices guide here: http://www.emc.com/collateral/hardware/white-papers/h8224-replication-isilon-synciq-wp.pdf

Suffice to say that the failover/failback is a DR only solution, client connections will be reset as they are moving from one cluster to the other.

There was a mention in the thread of a Professional Services script that will help with this, you'll need to engage with your Sales Rep to see what's out there.

I expect that SyncIQ failover/failback will become easier/more intuitive in the next major release of OneFS 7 (7.1 I think)

Good luck!


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Re: SMB Failover - Secondary becomes Primary

In addition to the white paper mentioned above, within the Administration Guide itself there is a decent walk-through also:


The specific section you'll want to refer to is: "Initiating data failover and failback with SyncIQ" for your version of OneFS.