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6430U Laptop Wigig Dock Issues

We have a handful of users with 6430U laptops experiencing the following issues while using the WIGIG dock.

1. Mouse and Keyboard Lag while plugged into monitor via USB and or directly to the dock. Keyboard typing random characters.

2. Laptop connection to the wigig dock turns on and off and resets the display configuration when running 2 external monitor.

3. Display on external monitor does not come back when wireless connection breaks resulting a hardware reboot.

This is starting to become painful for our users.

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Re: 6430U Laptop Wigig Dock Issues


We are experiencing the same problem.

1) Also have Lags and latency while using mouse and Keyboard

2) Wigig disconnections randomly during the day

3) Display crashes from tim to time, but reset the Wigig dock solves the problem. No need to reboot the computer.



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Re: 6430U Laptop Wigig Dock Issues

Here's an article I found today. I haven't gone around to test it and will do so in the next couple of days.

This guide is being updated as the latest driver, A03, has been released and has altered the landscape for this guide. This guide assumes you have already installed the prior versions of the d5000 dock software and would like to now move to the latest version.

Please note, you can alternately just run the A03 installer and just upgrade. I did this initially. Unfortunately, I found it unstable and realized that some things did not update properly, such as the DisplayLink software. If that works for you, bravo. In my case, it did not work at all. In addition, I am running Windows 8 so if you are on Windows 7, your experience may be different. Feel free to sound off in the comments.

Firstly, you must remove all prior software dealing with the dock.

1.Open Programs and Features from the Control Panel using Windows key+X or if on the curmudgeon Windows 7, do a search from the Start Menu

2.Remove: D5000 Wilocity Dock Software, ALL DisplayLink pieces, Fresco Logic USB3, and the wireless Atheros software near the bottom of the list of programs

3.Do not reboot if any of those pieces of software requests you to do so. Reboot at the end once they ALL are uninstalled. I removed the profiles when prompted by D5000 dock software but it is not necessary and I additionally said YES to uninstalling the marlon driver

4.Upon reboot and getting logged back in, download A03.

5.Unpack it using the built in Dell unpacker or use the ever glorious 7-zip.

6.Run the installer and let it finish. It will update the dock’s firmware as well (if it is in range and even if you are not connected. Or at least it did for me)


8.Connect to the dock

9.All finished!

10.Almost. I noticed that after I installed the Intel HD Graphics 4000 v15.31 driver, my fans went crazy. DO NOT INSTALL 15.31. Install this version on Dell’s website. It seems to control the fans a bit better in regards to heat dissipation when using the wireless dock.

With A03, the process has been smoothed out a bit and the Drivers and DisplayLink software have FINALLY been bundled in. I’m really not sure how Dell’s engineers or software developers missed that initially. The DisplayLink software was available for A01 and A02 but at least they figured it out eventually.

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Re: 6430U Laptop Wigig Dock Issues

I have a single 6430u/D5000 user (Win7x64,A03 driver).  Due to continuous, unresolved lag issues the user chose to stop using the wireless doc.  I have not tried following the guide as A03 was a clean install.

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RE: 6430U Laptop Wigig Dock Issues

Have you tried the A04 driver?

Also, I noticed the following forum has useful content and videos on WiGig and the D5000 dock:

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