Activation - Can't find code

Back in February I had to buy new hard drives and a new OS because everything just died. I have all the receipts and emails still, but there is no code in any of those. The USB and the other paperwork is in New Jersey and I am in Montana. The codes my mom sent that were on the USB weren't even allowed to be codes, since some of the characters aren't used.

So how can I activate? 

Also, it should be noted I got the Windows 7 and an error message kept popping up on the screen telling me the windows 7 was counterfeit, a fake. Then my cousin upgraded via the internet to Windows 10, but obviously it's still not activated.

What should i do? 

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RE: Activation - Can't find code

If the system shipped with Windows 7, the product key is on a label inside the battery compartment.

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RE: Activation - Can't find code

See here:

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