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After Factory Restore, I can't access Windows

I have a Dell Studio 1555 (Vista) and I had some problems in the past that forced me to use the Factory Restore 2 times. I also had to send to Dell to replace my keyboard. Last week, because I had problems with some files being corrupted and probably a virus in my system, I decided to restore the factory settings. So, I followed the instructions given (F8, dell factory...). But instead of going back to the Windows screen, the system keeps showing the initial Dell logo, goes to a black screen and immediately start the Dell logo all over again, repeating it constantly without going any forward. So I can't even do anything because I always get stuck in the same screen. Is there anything I can do to repair it?


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Re: After Factory Restore, I can't access Windows

Sounds like a bad hard drive.  To confirm, press F12 at powerup, boot to and run the quick diagnostics - if nothing shows up, boot to the 32-bit diags at the end of the quick tests and run an extended hard drive test.

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