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Brand New Laptop...Service Tag Not Found???

So I bought a BRAND NEW Dell Inspiron 5559 Laptop from Staples.

Registered it online with Dell. Was going to check if all the drivers were updated. Went to the support site and entered the Service Tag # and it tells me it's not valid! ***?!?

I called Customer Service and was routed to Tech Support. I told them my problem and they couldn't do anything. They advised me to call Dell Care Dept. Transferred to them and told them my problem. They couldn't help me and wanted to transfer me to Tech Support. I just got transferred from there!!! The operator then tells me to go to the Support site to transfer ownership. WHAAAT??

He says because I bought it from Staples....staples owns the laptop so have to transfer from staples to my name.

I log onto the site and read through and it says if you bought a dell product from a retailer, YOU DON'T NEED TO TRANSFER OWNERSHIP....just register it.

I JUST REGISTERED THE LAPTOP!!!!! Ridiculous. No service tag on a new laptop. Fu@#$% ridiculous.