CR 2030

I spent a time with a sales person trying to get a 3 pong (3 wire)  CR 2032 battery. I even gave them description of the battery and the Laptop that it was going to go in. That sales person sent me a photo of a 3 pong CR 2032. I ask that it should be one that is new and not one that has been used (e-bay) and out of date. I was assured that Dell gets only new batteries and never from e-bay.  That the battery is on order and that I will get it after July 11, 2016. I order two.

I got them June 30, 2016. Two of them. They were 3-pong CR 2032. Except that the 3-pong was not a cube, but flat, wide and the male holes were too small for the female pins.

It is marked as 2012-06-04. Fours years out of date. WOW! Am I impressed.

Let me tell you what the battery does. It keeps you date and time in the BIOS. My battery is dead that means while I can run programs only if I change the time and date in the BIOS. Each time I start the laptop.

Hummm! What am I to do. I will try again.

You can see what the batteries look like in Service Manual for M4500 and E5400 that is the type I want.

Richard Cornell

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RE: CR 2030

Easiest way:

Buy a brand-new CR-2032 battery (as little as under $1 from Amazon), unwrap the existing one and attach the leads.  Seal with shrink wrap or electrical tape.

The battery inside is a bog-standard quarter-size lithium-manganese cell.

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RE: CR 2030

Since it is not my laptop. That is the solution I would take. The battery I seek can be found in Dell service manuals.

The sales people at Dell even when I told them to look in a M4500 manual still sent me the wrong type of battery.

Anything for a sale!

The other way is to change the pongs from one battery to a newer battery.

I like your way .

Thank you for your timee.

Richard Cornell

Thank you

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