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Can I install a video card in my Inspiron E1705?

Hello, this is my first post. Thanks for reading, and commenting if you do!

I've had a Dell Inspiron E1705 for a few years now. Shortly after it was donated to me, I upgraded the RAM from 1GB to the max it can handle, 4GB. That did help improve handling of multiple tabs on the internet, but unfortunately did not resolve the intermittent stopping and loading of streaming video, and overall slow performance doing pretty much anything.

I am considering installing a video card myself, if I can find one that fits in my laptop for reasonably cheap. What video card would improve my internet streaming video performance, and would fit in my system?

Side point: I'm getting a message about my battery being at the end of it's usable life. Given the extra RAM, and addition of a video card, I'm assuming I will want to upgrade from the recommended 90W battery when I do go ahead and replace it. So what battery will be appropriate for my system after introducing a video card? 

Links greatly appreciated, but I'm thankful for just verbal suggestions as well. Thanks!

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