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Dell Dock W15 - The Dock Power Button vs. Windows ShutDown - Powering Up and Down each day

I have an XPS 13 9350.

Using Dell Dock W15, with external monitor setup, wireless mouse, external keyboard.

Can the BIOS on the Laptop be changed such that the laptop could actually be powered on (from shutdown) by PRESSING THE DELL DOCK button?  If not, what are the setups on the Power Management in Windows 10, so that I can achieve FIRST & SECOND below in LOOKING TO SOLVE?


  1. FIRST : I want to come in the morning, attach the Thunderbolt cable to my laptop, AND without lifting the lid of the laptop, power on my laptop.  It would be great if I could power on (boot up) from complete shutdown, however I will accept also booting up from a hibernation. 
  2. SECOND, Which should I be shutting/powering/hibernating down at the end of the day via Windows so that I can execute the FIRST above the following day?  

Thank you very much!