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Dell Inspiron 14R Laptop screen has bad reflection problem

Please help! My Dell Inspiron 14R Laptop screen has a terrible glare and reflection. It reflects overhead light and even my face, almost like looking in a mirror. The reflected light is like the sun shining in my eyes, so that I have trouble seeing what I'm working on and get headaches. Outdoors on sunny days, it's even worse.

I've googled anti-glare and anti-reflection with no luck. I've called Dell, but could barely understand the two different customer service people I spoke with. The second one suggested Dell's privacy shield, but from what I've read, this isn't what I need. I just want something that will fix the glare and reflection on my screen.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there an internal setting that will help? Have you been able to correct this problem? How? Thanks for your help. dganon73


-Dell Inspiron Touch Screen Notebook 14R

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Hi dganon73,

Thanks for posting. I've researched this, and if you are having glare problems with the screen, just about the only solution would be either a different model or by purchasing an anti-glare screen protector.  There's no internal way to reduce the glare. 

I found one on Amazon that's made for that purpose:



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Thanks DELL-ROBERT P. Some of the Amazon reviews describe it as difficult to apply, and that it gives the screen a "foggy" look. Even so, I might try it to see if it's an improvement over the way it is now. 

For future reference... Are there laptops that come with anti-reflective or anti-glare screens? If so, I'd like to see what they're like.

Thanks again for your time and expertise. 


-Dell Inspiron Touch Screen Notebook 14R

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There are still plenty of notebooks with matte screens - for a while they were mostly business-class systems, but of late even consumer-grade systems have become available with matte screens once again.

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Thanks EJN63. Are notebooks and laptops the same thing? I use my laptop for our home based business and take it with us on biz trips. I'm not tech savvy at all. Could you possibly send me a link to one or two with matte screens you think might be good. I want a 14" screen if possible. Thanks!


-Dell Inspiron Touch Screen Notebook 14R

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