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Dell Inspiron 3520, a group of keys are not working

I have a group of keys on my Dell Inspiron 3520 that do not work.  They seem to be the 1, Q, A, and Z keys.  All others seem to be okay.  I replaced the keyboard but have the same issue.  An external usb keyboard works fine though.  What could be the issue?  The keyboard port?

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Okay I was afraid of that.  I had already replaced this system board twice.  The first was because the system would not boot and just gave three beeps.  I got a system board from ebay but then I had an issue where I would only hear audio from one speaker.  After replacing the speakers twice with no luck, I exchange the system board for another one.  The audio works fine but now I have this keyboard issue.

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Or the keyboard controller - but if two keyboards have produced the same result, the fix is the same (and a painful one) -- replace the mainboard.

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