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Dell Inspiron 6000 - battery problem or something else??


I'm using a "Dell Inspiron 6000" for about 4 years, and didn't have any major problem till now.

A few days ago, the battery status light started flashing alternately green and orange. I've checked the manual; there it says "if the battery status light flashes green and orange, the battery is too hot to charge. Shut down the computer, disconnect the computer from the electrical outlet, and then let the battery and computer cool to room temperature.". And so i did. But when I started the computer, it started flashing again. And no matter what I tried, battery status light kept flashing green and orange: I tried it the next day, disconnect the computer from the electrical outlet, or connected it; doesn't care. So finally I removed the battery and am using it since 2 days only connected to the electrical outlet.. As the battery is off the light is not blinking anymore but I still couldn't find the problem..

Today I downloaded "Speed Fan 4.42" to diagnose the machine; to see which part is really hot and how the fans are working.. The diagnose results are as follows (btw, the battery is removed😞


HDO: 43C
Temp1: 32C
Temp4: 255C !!!
CPU: 42C
GPU: 41C

And Fan Speeds;

Fan1: 2634 RPM
Fan2: 922 RPM
Fan3: 922 RPM

Fan2, Fan3 are always 922.. I checked the box "Automatic Fan Speed" but they didn't change. Fan1 didn't change either (only between 2588 - 2778 RPM accordingly to the slight changes of temperatures of CPU, GPU or HDO). I thinks the fans seem to work ok. But "Temp4: 255C" seems constant, and I suppose it is pretty high! Unfortunately I have no idea which part it is!?!

Can somebody tell me actually what all this means? What is Temp1 and Temp4? Especially "Temp4"!!!  Can you explain why it so hot (255C) is, even if the battery is removed??? And the possible effects and solutions?? What is the relation with the battery? What is Fan2 and Fan3 (I thought there's only 1 Fan)? Shouldn't I be using the laptop at all at the moment?

I totally got lost. Can somebody please help me solve this problem?

Thanks in advance...

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