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Dell Inspiron N5110 Starting Issues

I have an issue starting my DELL laptop. I was using it perfectly 24 hours ago in the US, but just flew home to Ireland with it in my hand luggage and removed it this evening to find that it wouldn't start up properly.

When I press the start button it sounds as though it is starting up but it doesn't boot properly and it goes quiet after a few seconds. The screen stays completely black. The three lights on the keyboard do light up in a sequence.

They light in the following sequence:
Left (Stays On)
Middle (Stays On)
Right (Stays On)
They all stay on for a second together and then all turn off completely.

The left and right lights on the front left of the laptop are also both on constantly.

Once the computer is on, when I press on switch the computer turns off instantly without any shutdown process.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what the issue might be and how to solve it? I feel there may be an issue with the motherboard but if someone could help out that would be of great help. Thanks

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