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Dell Lattitude E6420 battery issue


I have a Dell Latitudde E6420 and the device randomly has started to not boot from the battery. I started it up with the charger and while booting the device displayed a message about the battery not being identified and saying that the battery is not from dell even though it is. I contacted Dell technical support about the issue and after taking the service tag they said that they can not help me because my account is on hold... Which confused me because I never bought the device from Dell, I bought it from Best Buy therefore I do not have an account with Dell, and so I was transferred over to Dell financial services to dispute the issue, but I can not speak to them because the automated bot constantly is asking for an account number. Is there anyway I could receive some sort of help for this? It'd honestly be a great help.



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RE: Dell Lattitude E6420 battery issue

This is a six year old battery -- it needs to be replaced.  It's exceeded its expected lifespan by 100%.

You must register the system with Dell for support (which, given the age of the system, will be on a paid basis).


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