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Dell Universal Dock D6000- 3 Monitors

I have the Dell Universal Dock D6000 and I am trying to connect 3 monitors- 2 work. I am not very techie but I think I know what the issue is. The current set up is:

Monitor 1 to Dock- DP to DP

Monitor 2 to Dock- DP to DP

Monitor 3 to Dock- DP to HDMI

I am assuming that the DP to HDMI will not work- if it is Monitor to Dock HDMI to DP I think that works but not the other way around.  My previous dock I had the Monitor 3 VGA to VGA- this dock doesn't have a VGA.

Can I get a VGA from Monitor to HDMI on the dock?

Thanks for any imput- please try to use basic terms if you respond or pictures! LOL

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RE: Dell Universal Dock D6000- 3 Monitors

It's more common to reference adapter/cable directions from the source to the target since that's the direction in which the signal flows -- so in this case, that would be indicating the dock connector first and then the display connector.

If you have a DisplayPort or Mini-DisplayPort output on the dock, you can buy adapters that will convert that output connector to the opposite DisplayPort "size", DVI, HDMI, or VGA.  The reason is that DisplayPort is the most flexible type of output available (and also the most capable in terms of max resolution).  However, you cannot send any non-DisplayPort output into a DisplayPort input.  If you're using your display's DisplayPort input, it must receive a native DisplayPort signal.

If you have an HDMI output on the dock, you can convert that to DVI for the display.  You can also go the opposite direction up to 1080p resolution.  You cannot convert HDMI or DVI sources to VGA unless you find a so-called "active" that has a embedded into it that will perform that conversion, but those are less common and more expensive.  But honestly, if at all possible, try to stop using VGA.  It's the only analog signal type out of all of the types discussed here, and as a result it looks noticeably worse than the other digital signals, especially at 1080p resolution.

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