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Drive configuration Options


I have what I believe to be an E6220, i5 processor.  Looking at the user manual it says:

"The Latitude E6220 offers the SATA or M-SATA hard drive."

What does this mean exactly?

I can't find disk specs  anywhere but was wondering if it is possible to install an m-sata SSD with a secondary mechanical drive?

I have also seen posts querying spare caddies to use in the "media bay", but can't see a reference to this in the manual... there is no optical drive with this model.

Any advice would be great.


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RE: Drive configuration Options

Hi Laxxor,

The Dell Latitude E6220 offers SATA or M-SATA hard drive. They share the same place so you will need to remove the mechanical drive and replace it with the mSATA with compatible bracket on the same slot. 

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