Dynamic Brightness Control on Linux


I got a XPS13 9360 with Ubuntu Linux last week and after some work this days I noticed some weird behaviour on brightness and contrast, more evident when using at the same time an external monitor. 

After some research I discovered there was a "feature" I cannot disable called "Dynamic Brightness Control" embebed on screen firmware.  I called technical support and they suggested me to format the laptop to install a Windows (illegal copy, I presume, as I haven't a legal one) and then reinstall Ubuntu with all my data. Looks like a joke but is not. 

So I've spent some hours trying to set up a Live Bootable USB drive with Windows just to execute this utility that seems to be the only way to disable this awful feature:  www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/4/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=20JWV 

I cannot get it running. I've got an WXP boot called HiRens but get stucked on boot.  I've tryed to modify Windows7 and Windows10 recover images to include the Dell utility but even they are for sure on disk I cannot see them after boot. (I'm trying to execute them from DOS prompt during install. 

I think the best place to enable or disable the "feature" (let me quote that way because it's the worst thing i've ever seen: get up the bightness when there is more bright?. Do you want to burn my eyes at night?) would be on BIOS. But I've seen complaints for more than 2 years and nothing done. A Linux executable would be also a good thing... considering I've paid for a laptop with it and there should be some support.

So... Can anyone give me some idea to solve it?. Some way to include the utility on a boot disk?. Any way to execute it on Linux?. Any help or suggestion will be welcomed

Thank you in advanced!

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RE: Dynamic Brightness Control on Linux


You can click the link below for resolutions to the brightness issue.

How to resolve the Brightness Control not working after running updates on an XPS13 with Ubuntu 12.0...

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RE: Dynamic Brightness Control on Linux

Hello Jesse, and thank you for your reply.

I'm nor sure the link you tell me solves my problem. It looks like a solution for change the bightness from keyboard and it's dates 2013.  

The problem i have is the one solved here: www.dell.com/.../DriversDetails  ... but only for Windows, not Linux.

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RE: Dynamic Brightness Control on Linux

After some time without response... Anyone knows if there is some way to run Windows (8 or 10, I presume) from a penDrive/USB Disk?.   That way I could boot without delete the whole system.  

Would be nice if Dell provides it for Linux users.

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