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Error Code M1004

Hi I have a Dell Latitude xt3 Laptop, I just try to install an i7-2960xm processor, after installing, I run a diagnostic and everything is passed, but when I reboot and login to Windows, it is frozen. I shut down and reboot it happens the same thing. I run a diagnostic again and it passes all of the tests, but when I exit out and reboot this time I get an error code M1004. I install back i5-2520m processor or i7-2640m processor, the laptop is running good. I did try the i7-2960xm with Dell M6600 and it works fine. I know that the Dell Latitude xt3 support i7 second generation and I did try i7-2630qm and it worked fine.


if Any one knows anything about this, please help.


thank you so much

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RE: Error Code M1004


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