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HELP!!! Dell XPS M1530 shuts down and wont start up.

Hi all, before I start I want to mention that my Dell XPS M1530 is NOT under warranty. I have this laptop for about 2 years and I have been having problem with this laptop ever since I got it. This XPS system was last repaired on August 2010, the motherboard of this system was replaced. Recently I was watching movie with this system and suddenly the laptop shut down at the same time a small explosion sound was heard and a glimpse of explosion which caught my eyes that escaped through the space in between keyboard and the "touch sensor" volume bar. The air was filled with burned smell and there goes my XPS. Ever since it can not be powered up anymore.

Staying positive, I thought it might be the ac adapter which is faulty, so I tried using a working ac adapter from my other dell laptop with the same power output, but whenever I plug in the adapter to my XPS, the led light on the adapter will turn off.  I tried unplugging the ac adapter and just try to power up with battery but failed.

Does anyone knows what might the problem be and how can it be fixed?

I guess it might be the Nvidia GPU that heats up and causing the motherboard to burn.  Recently I also learned that the Nvidia GPU that is on my system might be faulty  that caused the explosion. Who knows if Dell knew about this but they just kept replacing those faulty motherboards until your warranty expires. Dell definitely has a good business tactic.

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