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Help I'm a Novice! Factory settings please.

As you can tell by the title I am not brilliant at computers. 

Over the last 3 years my dell 1555 on windows 7 has become incredibly slow. I wish to restore the computer to it's original state when I first received it, however I did not create a system image of day one. I don't mind keeping the files on my hard drive, I just wish to return to a clean slate. What do you guys suggest? 



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Re: Help I'm a Novice! Factory settings please.

Hi Crawford,

I believe the computer that you have is Dell Studio 1555 laptop. By default, the system will have a recovery partition that is hidden. Recovery partition contains the factory installed image. We can try restoring the computer to factory settings using the recovery partition. This process will lead to data loss so please back up data before attempting it.

Also, since you have mentioned that the system performance is slow, please refer the following link to run hardware diagnostics to rule out hardware failure: http://dell.to/19cWLsz

If the diagnostics pass, refer the following link for instructions to restore the computer to factory settings: http://dell.to/Z1FavZ

Kindly let me know the results.

Thanks & Regards
Kalyan S

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