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How do you adjust the touchpad sensitivity in Windows 10?

So when I have a Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2 in 1, and when I bought it I had generic Windows drivers which didn't provide any options for touchpad sensitivity, so I then downloaded the generic Synaptics touchpad drivers for Windows 10, and my computer says they are working, however I wasn't given any more options regarding touchpad sensitivity. 
Are there any other drivers I could try? And how should I install these drivers so they would function correctly? Thanks in advance

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RE: How do you adjust the touchpad sensitivity in Windows 10?

Also looking to adjust the sensitivity of the touchpad on Dell laptop. Inspiron i5 5000 series.

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RE: How do you adjust the touchpad sensitivity in Windows 10?

i would try finding out which model number the touchpad is and begin by looking on the dell site or the manufacturer site for a windows 8 or 10 driver.  windows 8 drivers are supposed to work on 10.  

ive also had pretty good luck with windows 7 drivers working on 10, so you might consider that if its an option.  but from my experience, if the driver wont load, running in compatibility mode doesnt help, so it'll either work, or it wont.  

if thats a no-go, the next best option is to look for a driver for a similar, but different model.  for example, if your touchpad is a model TP150, you might look for a driver for a TP140 or TP160, and see if that'll install.  Alternatively, you can also try looking through similar computer models drivers that shipped with windows 8/10, and may have same or similar touchpad.  so if you have an inspiron 13, maybe try a different 13 model, or a 15 model driver.  for what its worth, i have an inspiron n5050 that shipped with windows 7 and its touchpad driver works fine with win 10.

to the other person, regarding sensitivity adjustment... if you have the correct driver installed, you can right-click the start button and select Control Panel.  thatll take you to the classic control panel instead of the windows 10 settings menu.  from there, select mouse, and a dialog box should pop up giving you options for the mouse button, cursor style, etc.  Usually on the far right tab (on top) there will be one labeled for your touchpad, or say something like 'device settings' and show the manufacturers icon.  if the options arent presented in that tab, there should be a button there that says 'settings' or something along those lines (advanced, configure, or something to that effect).  select that button and another box should come up with all of your touchpads options.  navigate thru that, set it how you like, apply and okay or save.