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How to increase shared video memory.

I have a 2011 Dell Inspiron N7110 with integrated graphics intel HD3000, anyways I'm trying to increase the shared memory from 64mb to 256mb. I've gone into the BIOS twice and even updated it, there doesn't seem to be anyway to increase the alloctment. :  ( I even updated my bios from A12 to A13 still no option to increase or edit the alloctment in any way. My computer has 8gb of ram so increasing to 256mb wouldn't hinder my system. i was hoping if there is absolutely any other way to bypass the bios restrictions and either unlock the bios somehow or some other way, increase the shared video memory.

thanks for you help

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Re: How to increase shared video memory.

Hi LillerBoy,

The amount of graphics memory depends on the computer model's specific configuration. The maximum amount of graphics memory that is possible for your computer is pre-configured from factory. The system setup/BIOS of this laptop does not permit any changes to this value. You may want to refer to the web article on Intel website for more details:

Hope this information helps.

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Appu S
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