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Inspiron 1100 Chipset install without Driver CD?

How do I install the chipset for Inspiron without the Dell Drivers CD?  I have downloaded the R50830 Chipset file and install it to C:\Dell\Drivers\R50830.  Multiple directories were created for each possible Operating System, including XP, the one I need.  When I open that folder ther are a number of Security Catalog files it it. What do I do from there?
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did the system ask you to reboot after you ran the chipset exe?
if it did then the driver is already installed and you can safely delete C:\Dell\Drivers\R50830
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Thanks for the reply. Yes, the system asked me to reboot. I thought it seemed to install. But, when I go into hardware device settings, the ethernet controller, pcimodem, and audio all fall under the "other" catagory with the big yellow question mark.  When I look under properties to identify each device I get a driver not installed message.  I'd download and install new drivers if I could identify which ones to download, but I can't.
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boppo, Thanks for the reply.  Installed Network controller and Audio with no problem. But I'm not sure what you mean when you say enter Service Tag and click on config to see what was shipped as far as the modem is concerned.  From the main support page I entered my Service Tag and then went to the Download Drivers page where all system drivers are listed.   I did not see a "config" link to show what was shipped with my machine. There were three modem drivers listed on the download page:

One for a Broadcom V.92MDC; one for a Conexant D480 V.92; and one for a PCTel MDC.  I'm not sure which one it is I have. Should I install, one by one until I find which one works?

Thanks again

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put you tag in then select the tool which is original system config and that will tell you what is in your box.
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