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Inspiron 13 7347 Windows 7 downgrade question.

Hi Everyone,

My boss handed me an Inspiron 13 7347 from one of our bigger clients and tasked me with finding out if Windows 7 Professional can be installed on it.  Does anyone know if there are drivers available?  I have downgraded to 7 on other machines and it was a hunt for a lot of the drivers.  My main concern that this is a new laptop and not all drivers may be available.

Any information, suggestions, or ideas are greatly appreciated.  Thank so much and stay warm!




George D.

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RE: Inspiron 13 7347 Windows 7 downgrade question.

There is no Dell support for Windows 7 on this model. 

If the owner is dead set on Windows 7 and the system is new, have them return it and order a Latitude (Windows 7 is still an option on them).

If the problem is the Windows 8 shell, it can be solved for free by installing a copy of Classic Shell (which is free of charge).

If you REALLY want Windows 7 on this, you'll need to purchase a license for it (the Windows 8.1 it came with is almost certainly non-Pro, which carries no downgrade privilege) and then search for drivers - likely ending up with a partially functional system at best (there are likely hardware components for which no, or only partial driver support exists).

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