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Interchanging of Graphics Card

I'm using Dell Inspiron 15R 5520. I had Windows 7 HB (Genuine), I upgraded my PC to Windows 10, Build: 10240 and now I upgraded my PC to the Windows 10 Build: 10586. All those upgradation was done via USB Stick. Intel HD 3000 Graphics Card was already intstalled in my PC. A DVD ROM was also provided to me from my system manufacturer (Dell) with both the files of Intel HD 3000 & Intel HD 4000 for future installation. Now what happens if I install the Intel HD 4000 after uninstalling the Intel HD 3000? Will it affect my Device?

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RE: Interchanging of Graphics Card

No - in fact the 4000 drivers must be for a newer generation model;  they won't even install.

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