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Keycap letters fade

My Inspiron 8000 will be three years old in a few days.  Thanks to the warranty, I have replaced the keyboard three times, that is, when some of the letters had become so worn that they were invisible and made typing difficult.  I'm certainly grateful for the warranty but do wish that I didn't have to endure the fading letter phenomenon every six or eight months.  My desktop, by the way, is older and has been used much more, and yet the letters have faded only slightly, almost imperceptibly.
Now I'm think about buying another Dell laptop.  Can someone tell me if the keys also fade on later models than mine or if Dell has found a solution?   I'd like to get another Dell, but I'm really put off by the keyboard problem.
Thanks for any advice.
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Re: Keycap letters fade

Many users complain about this.  Could be something to do with contaminants on your fingers, environment, etc.  Call and get the KB replaced before the warranty runs out.  Otherwise go here to get a cheap replacement assuming you're in the US
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Re: Keycap letters fade

you can buy a new one, since the internal keyboard on the newer model looks good...and be sure you purchase the complete care waranty...


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RE: Keycap letters fade

I have an Inspiron bought last Nov-Dec and in July had the get a new keyboard because letters were fading. I am now 3 months into the new one and the top of the "T" is going so it looks like the letter "I". I am presently trying to get a new one again. This is just crazy and a big nuisance. Can't they use better ink or cover them with a transparent coating??

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