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Keys not working -_ and += keys not working

I have a Dell Inspiron 4000 laptop / Win ME. I just noticed tonight that the -_ and += keys are not working. Is there some key combination that I inadvertently pressed? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for any help
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Have you tried re-connecting the keyboard to the system board?
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"Have you tried re-connecting the keyboard to the system board?"
Thanks for the reply, though I am not quite clear on what you are saying. On my Inspiron LAPTOP-two keys are not working, the (underscore / dash) and (Plus / equal) keys. I was wondering if there is some keystroke that enables / disables those 2 keys.
If you are asking if I have opened the laptop and messed inside there-no I have'nt done that yet. I have opened up laptops before but I try to avoid it until it is the last option. I am hoping that there is a simpler solution. I would be surprised if it is a physical connection issue since it is only 2 keys but who knows...
Could you clarify your suggestion?

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Well, now keys 5 and 6 are not working. It is beginning to look like a moisture problem to me What do you think?

i mean disconnecting the keyboard and reconnecting it.

I cant think what could be wrong.
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Hey ,
   pop off cover where the power button is.( use flathead screwdriver or knife( monitor all the way back
   unscrew  4 screws holding keyboard down
   pull should pop right out
tha good  D.R.
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My problem is that several keys do not work the first time you press them. The second time you press them the appropriate character appears twice. Alternatively, if you press the key that does not work and then press another key, both characters appear, but only after the second key is pressed. Mine is an Inspiron 9400 and the problem keys are: shift 6, `, shift ` (~),  ' and shift ' ("). If anyone has an answer to this, I would like to hear about it. It should not be moisture as I live in a very dry environment.
P.S. I don't know why that happy face appears, I only typed characters and did not select an icon. That may be yet another problem with my keyboard!

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I am having the same problem. My s, x, w, and 2 keys aren't working. Except when you hit the w key it types wu or uw. The other keys don't work at all. I think it could be a hardware problem (but I don't know much about computers because they keys are all in a row). How can I get this fixed? Is this type of problem covered in my warranty? I need this computer for college. It is a big inconvenience.
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