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Laptop recommendation for a newbie, long dell-user

Hi, I've had a Dell laptop for nearly 3 years now, and it's great, I was bad to it but it still works pretty great, considering what it's been through. I am looking for a replacement though

I am looking for a very quick laptop, one that still works quickly even when we do lots on it, with quite a bit of space on it, who would ideally be quite virus-proof, although I know I need software, with a fairly big screen and at a good price. I'll look on eBay or amazon anyway but still looking for an affordable option.

It'd be great if it had really good processor so that webcamming in HD through certain software is possible and quick.

Thanks for any recommendations 🙂

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RE: Laptop recommendation for a newbie, long dell-user


You didn't state,  size or money requirements.

I think the Inspiron 17 (7000 series) 17" with the Nvidia GT750m video card

(has 1 MP HD webcam, 1TB hard-drive, and 16GB of Mem) []

or for a 15" rich Quad HD touch display ,  with everything the 17"(^^above^^)

has. Plus a second faster HDD for even faster data throughput

The XPS 15 9530 (series)   which is my Fav.


Good luck, and hopefully you'll get more recommendations.


XPS 730x
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Retail
i-7 (960) 3.2 at 4.8Ghz (200 x 24)
Mushkin Enhanced Redline DDR3 2000 at 2.4Ghz 8-8-9-24 1T (200x12) 1.70 Volts
2x Sapphire 4GB HD 5970(Hemlock) CrossFireX
512 bit (800 Core/1125 MEM)
2x 600GB VR200M 10K raptors (Raid 0 array) 6Gb/s
2x 2TB WD 20000CSRTL Caviar greens (raid 1 array)

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RE: Laptop recommendation for a newbie, long dell-user

I'm looking for something up to 400-500 british pounds

I don't need a laptop that expensive, but the Inspiron 17 seems reasonable

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