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Latitude 3540 Safe Mode

Hi, I have a Dell Latitude 3540 on Windows 10 and I can't get into safe mode.

I hit F8 at boot and it brings me to a screen that has windows defender offline on it.  If I either cancel that or let the scan run, it reboots again after. 

If I have multiple failed reboots, that also takes me to windows defender offline.

I can't get into windows due to a blue screen each time (I know the problem if I could only get into safe mode to resolve it).

How do I get to the recovery menu instead of windows defender offline?

Any assistance is much appreciated!

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Back up after restoring an image backup. From inside windows, I did shift reboot and was presented with the choose an option screen where I could choose troubleshoot, then advanced options->troubleshoot->startup settings and I could get into safe mode from there.

Tested again multiple failed boots and now I was taken to a recovery screen. Nuts! Why was it taking me to windows defender offline before instead of the recovery screen!?

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Once I've restored my image backup, both last night and this morning I simulated boot failures and windows sent me to the correct recovery mode screen.

I have no idea why it was sending me to the windows defender offline screen last night and am certainly worried that issue will pop up again next time I can't get into windows and need to get into recovery.

Perhaps I had scheduled windows defender offline to run, but never actually ran it and it was sitting there waiting the next time recovery was called? I don't think I've tried to run windows defender offline for many months though.

I found no other reports of this at all in searching. This was a strange one.

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