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M4800 - docking station connected to 2 monitors

Windows settings to extend screen to both monitors works fine until I undock then redock.  Then the Intel Graphics settings seem to override the WIndows display settings and only one monitor works until reset using the windows 7 screen resolution to detect and extend again.  When the Intel display app is opened from the system tray, the multiple monitors tool is only showing one of the 2 monitors connected.

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RE: M4800 - docking station connected to 2 monitors

Thank you for your message.

The video drivers will default when there is no connection detected (When you undock)

What system is this being used, what is the video card on the system?

You will need to update the video driver, if it is a Dell computer click on this link & enter your service tag to update the video driver.

Please try switching the monitor on the dock connection & check if the issue persists.

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