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Make my touchpad more responsive

Dear Dell Support Forum,

I'm very disappointed with Dell TouchPad behavior on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, on my Dell Latitude E6430 and I'm sure all this is caused by the Windows touchpad driver, because on Linux it feels like I have a completely different touchpad.

The most annoying part is scrolling which now I would like to fix with your help. On Linux scrolling works just as it should, I put two of my fingers on the touchpad surface, pull them downwards and the scrolling takes place immediately.

On Windows 7 there is a 200-300 millisecond (or even half a second) delay, then a black scrolling cursor shows up and then it starts scrolling. Two things I don't need. The delay and the cursors. They give me an unprofessional and annoying experience.

On Linux my Alps Touchpad is handled by the open-source Synaptics driver for Xorg (xserver-xorg-input-synaptics package on Debian Jessie). This driver has support for Alps touchpads even they're not manufactured by Synaptics. So it's not really the hardware itself what counts, it's the driver.

Personally I dislike the configuration interface of Dell Touchpad. It's marketingish, too fancy and gives very few configuration options, not to mention fine tuning. As far as I have seen, the Alps driver that comes along with driver package called 'Dell Touchpad' will add a lot of registry fields and values.

These registry options might make it available for me to fine tune the settings for the Alps driver.

I would like to ask for a documentation / manual about the registry options under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Alps.

Pal Tamas Acs

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RE: Make my touchpad more responsive

Same here on a dell latitude 3340.

Please provide documentation!

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RE: Make my touchpad more responsive

Unanswered for more than 5 months. This is how much a Dell customer counts (after having paid good money for a business-grade product).

Please provide me the proper registry settings for the Alps Touchpad driver to ...

  • Improve the responsiveness of my touchpad, make it move immediately when touched, without even a 50 ms latency. The hardware can do this because this is possible under Linux.
  • Set up acceleration and deceleration values separately.
  • Set up tap to click and tap delay values separately.
  • Disable the annoying scroll indicator cursor while scrolling.
  • Make the touchpad respond immediately to scrolling, without the current ~ 100-200 ms latency.
  • Make the touchpad scroll using line-based, compatible scroll mode. I don't want any smoothness or different scrolling behavior in each application.

... or... provide a thorough documentation that covers these settings. I'm not lazy to read.

No, I don't want to do this on the marketing-idealist shiny but useless UI of Dell Touchpad, because it doesn't have any of these options. I also want to experiment with it manually to get it adjusted to my fingers.

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