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Memory Configuration / Expansion Options on a Studio 17 (Base config: 4GB)

I am preparing to purchase a Studio 17 Laptop but I have been unable to find sufficient details about the baseline memory configuration on Dell's website. I will be using this machine to run multiple VMware "guest" operating system instances simultaneously and may need more than the 4GB eventually.  Anyhow, I am not ready now to lay down the extra $250 Dell is asking to configure my new system with 8 GB going out the door. Yet, I need answers to a few questions before I am ready to make the purchase at 4 GB. 

For instance:

  • How many slots are there to start with?  
  • How is Dell likely to configure the base system (1-4GB, 2-2GB, or, worst, 4-1GB DIMMs)?
  • Would it be unreasonable to expect, or even insist, that they only install a single 4GB DIMM? (I really would rather not need to Ebay a couple 1 or 2 GB DIMMs and then be forced to buy two 4 GB DIMMs to reach 8 GB when I should only need one.)

Does anyone out there know these answers from their recent purchase of a Studio or other similar model/configuration. I have a feeling I already know what the answer will be.  emoticon.Sad.title It's probably why they know they can get away with charging $250 for an option that should cost $150

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Re: Memory Configuration / Expansion Options on a Studio 17 (Base config: 4GB)

There are two memory sockets total.  Assuming you're looking at the Studio 1749, there are three options:  4, 6 or 8G.

You can ask if they'll install one 4G soDIMM, but don't count on it - it's probably 2X2.


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