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My Laptop screen freeze randomly

my laptop has been randomly freezing. The monitor is still running but the cursor won't move. The touchpad and mouse don't work even though mouse lights are still turned on. Also, my keyboard lights are still on but ctrl alt del or any other keys won't work. The fans are still working and the hard disk lights are still on. Just the screen frozen and unresponsive. I wait a few minutes but it won't resolve on its own (also the system time won't change) and I have to hold down the power button to do a hard reset and its back to normal. It does this randomly, sometimes when I close a program, or sometimes when I alt-tab between programs or sometimes just when I'm browsing the web or move my laptop a bit. It will happen at least 2-3 times a day.

My Laptop configurations are

Model: Inspiron 5567 Signature Edition

Processor: Intel i5 - 7200 @ 2.5 Ghz

Ram : 8GB

System Type : 64 bit

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RE: My Laptop screen freeze randomly

The first thing you should do is run the laptop Dell ePSA/PSA diagnostics (reboot, press F12, choose Diagnostics from the menu) to see if any hardware failures appear.

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